Get Hot Women In Bed With Sub Communication Because Looks Don’t Matter

Geplaatst op 10-03-2023

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In the previous post I mentioned several characteristics of men that are attractive to women.

The post basically lists male qualities that women are attracted to, irrespective of looks or social status. Women have no choice but to be attracted to you IF you show them a large number of the qualities listed in that post. The reason is because attraction is not a choice.

It’s hardwired into us at birth with the exception of some cultural differences. This means that being attractive to women and dating HOT women can be learnt from a series of easy to follow steps.

If you work every day at one of the characteristics listed in the post then you will be well on your way to dating any girl you please.

But there is so much more to attracting women... This topic encompasses

such wide range of ideas and philosophies it can be daunting at first. Luckily a lot of the ideas should come pretty naturally such as “smile” and be “personable” with women...

Yeah obvious right?

So if you get all the obvious surface ideas about attracting women and are still not getting anywhere you might be interested in digging a little deeper.

The Difference Between Men And Women

A womens natural ability to read situations and sub conscious communication continues to astound me. This is one topic which men are sadly lacking in big time. We either don’t have the natural ability to pick up on certain clues left for us by women or we just are not that attentive.

I think what your not quite getting is that almost ALL attraction is done on a sub conscious level. You might understand this intellectually but perhaps not in practice. I will say that again... almost ALL the success that you have with women will be based on attraction you have no control over. Which is why you might find yourself trying so dam hard to impress women and getting nowhere.

Now this is not an excuse to give up... when I say you have no control over it I don’t mean you cant do something to change it. You have indirect control over how women become attracted to you.

Have you seen anyone get the girl by bragging about how cool their new car is and how much money they make? If they did the women can’t be up to much! Even women cant get attracted to a guy like that even when he is literally telling them everything they want to hear.

Brad: Look at my sarah , I am attractive rich and powerful please love me because I have all the qualities you are looking for, Look I am even explaining them to you so that you understand intellectually

Because attraction is all based on the actions mentioned in the previous post: This means we need to work on our inner game and our personality if we want to attract women. Women are absolute pros at picking up on which guy is eligible and which is not. Natural selection has sharpened the selection pressure on men - as females, in the end, are the choosers.

So the trick with attracting women is really how you subconsciously communicate your ATTRACTIVE qualities. Most men are unknowingly sending out all the wrong vibes so they try harder and harder to intellectually turn the corner with rational communicative style attraction. Needless to say they get rejected hard.

This hurts these guys because most of their lives they have been able to use their intellect to solve problems – what they don’t understand is that you can’t attract a women using your intellect. It’s all about sending out the right female attraction vibes.

You will find it hard to believe that looks don’t matter when attracting women. But if you look like a premature foetus on legs you are going to need a personality to turn it around. This is where you can start to bring in the big guns and turn your unattractive look into model dating potential.

I believe that you see alot of attractive guys with hot women because attractive guys are more confident due to positive feedback from society.

Society expects attractive men to be successful rich and of course date attractive women so he does that.

He is confident because he has been told all his life by family and friends he is confident. Women are attracted to confident men not attractive men with zero personality and zero intelligence.

I know right now this is hard to believe and you are trying to resist this because you will have seen real life examples of contradiction but it’s true.

Attraction is somewhat important as the phenotype represents the genotype of men hence health etc... yeh I get it ok but don’t you think there is also the argument for coincidence?

Most attractive men are well off financially, they are also confident and happy people living emotionally stable lives.

Let’s say we take away that attraction... Do you think women will still be EQUALLY attracted to a medium to unattractive guy who is well off financially, confident and happy with an emotionally stable life?

YES of COURSE! He is probably way more fun to be with because he is such a funny guy.

If you ALLOW yourself to get over this massively GIGANTIC self defeating belief then we can move onto the next topic which is learning how to master this sub communication stuff we talked briefly about earlier in the post.